Announcing: Roll Out the Red Carpet for Employee Celebrations

We're excited to announce a brand new update to CelebrationsBot - introducing our TV display feature for employee milestones! Now it's easier than ever to showcase employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and achievements on screens around your office.

Here's how the new TV display feature works:

  1. Login to your CelebrationsBot dashboard
  2. Copy your unique TV display URL. This will generate a customized slideshow pulling birthday and anniversary data from your CelebrationsBot employee profiles.
  3. Open any browser on your smart TVs and enter the URL. Voila! The personalized slideshow will display automatically.

Now TVs in conference rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, and more can showcase which employees are celebrating milestones each day. It's a fantastic way to highlight employee achievements visually for anyone passing by the displays. The automated feed means no manual updates needed - just set it and forget it!

Boosting Engagement Through TV Displays
Publicly recognizing employee milestones boosts engagement, connects teams, and drives positive culture. TV displays create opportunities for colleagues to start meaningful conversations, offer congratulations, and feel valued.

Plus, imagine arriving at work to see your birthday scrolling across the lobby screen! The visibility helps employees feel genuinely appreciated.

The TV plugin is included with all CelebrationsBot Pro and Enterprise plans. Simply login and grab your unique URL to get started. Turn on the TVs and let the celebrations commence on the big screen!

Give your employees their time in the spotlight by activating CelebrationsBot's TV display feature today. It's an impactful way to engage, unite, and delight your workforce.